Saving More By Spending Less


Upon graduation the one thing I am constantly being told is to start saving money.  Save money to start paying off those loans, save money so you can afford an apartment during grad school, save money for this and for that.  The past few months its been all about working every possible hour and saving as much as I possibly can over the next year.  Yes, I want to save as much as possible, but how can I do that without going crazy working everyday? How will I still have time to hangout with my friends and my boyfriend?

I do not have one solution to fix all of your money saving problems, but here are a few things that I have done that make a difference.


Start by clearing everything out of your room/ space.  I saw what I actually have when I did this and then I gaged what I actually needed to keep.  I realize that I have way more clothes than I need so when I am shopping I think about that and do not buy that cute sweater because I have 3 more just like it at home.

Andrew and I decided to stop going out as often and instead cook for one another and have picnics at the park.  We still go out for ice cream every now and then, but we spend less money by cooking at home.

My friends and I talk about getting healthier all the time so instead of hanging out by spending we  meet at the gym or go for walks in the park.  We still gossip and chat as much as we want, but we get the benefit of exercise too.

Another thing I am doing that Andrew, my boyfriend, told me about is creating envelopes.  Using the envelope system we are able to put certain amount of money into different categories that we are saving for.  I will most likely do a while post on just that system and the different categories I am using.




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