11 Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Every couple loves going on dates, but no one likes breaking the bank. The biggest struggle, I found, when to trying to save money is that Andrew and I still want to go on dates and try new places without going over budget.  Here of some date ideas that we have tried and really enjoyed and some ideas we have yet to try, but sound fun.

Date Ideas For Those On A Budget:

  • Walking at the park
  • Making  meals for each other and taking them to the park or at one another’s house.
  • Reading books together outside on the porch.
  • Game nights.
  • Window shopping…… we make sure not to buy anything.
  • Swimming in my pool.
  • Going for a drive and getting lost on purpose to find our way out.
  • Taking the dogs for a walk.
  • Movie night.
  • Going to different parks in the area to see which ones we like best.
  • Taking pictures together or of one another at fun places.

I hope you enjoy these ideas.  Let me know if there is any I missed and should be trying.  Also I would love to hear form people who tried them and see that they thought.



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