My Bucket List: Travel Edition

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Last week I shared with you all 7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me.  Like I said at the end of that post, this week I want to share with you my travel bucket list.  There are so many places in the world I want to travel, and some of these places I have already been, but they were originally on my bucket list.

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My Travel Bucket List

  1. Alaska

I am not exactly sure why I want to visit Alaska so much.  Where in Alaska do I even want to go?  For some reason the place is calling to me.    I think it may be the fact that it is part of the US, but it is so far off in its own place that I want to see what it is like.

  1. Greece

I think this one kind of explains itself.  Have you seen pictures of Greece at night?  It’s beautiful.  I want to see if the views are anything like the pictures.

  1. Iceland

A friend of mine got engaged in Iceland last year, and the pictures she posted on Instagram and Facebook looked so amazing I added it to my bucket list.  It may be cold, but how can you pass up the beauty?

  1. California

I went to LA about 3 years ago and I loved it.  It is not a place I would want to live, but getting to visit for a week was an awesome experience. Hopefully I will be going back next summer because I have a family member getting married there (He lives in LA).  I also want to see San Diego; I have family in San Diego also.

  1. New York City

The city that never sleeps.  I want to see if this city is as great as some make it out to be.  I am not a city person, but it looks amazing.  The food alone gives me every reason to want to visit.

6. The Grand Canyon

Standing on top of the Grand Canyon overlooking everything has always been a dream of mine.  The pictures are breathtaking on their own.  I can not imagine how it will feel to experience it in person.  This may be my number one place in the world I want to visit.

These are the 6 places currently on my bucket list.  I am sure that more will be added over the years.  Let me know in the comments you favorite places to visit and the place you want to visit most.



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  1. Hopefully I will get to travel more in the upcoming years as I find a big girl job and start to settle down. Please don’t forget to leave me some of your favorite travel destinations below!!

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